December 16, 2022

Our customer needed a solution to manage and track a specialty asset used to transport wind turbine blades.  The system that they were originally using needed improvement for higher efficacy and success throughout their process.  Between all the customer’s project sites and multiple carriers, the assets would get lost causing headaches and extra costs.  So, the customer needed a solution specific to these specialty assets.  Given the nature of the fixtures, they did not require a constant steam of GPS pings but instead something less frequent.   



The LTS team built a system to keep track of these specialty assets using our Asset Trackers with once per day GPS updates.  The system maintained a custom log of how many assets were sitting at various locations across the nation. It also included visibility to assets that were not being utilized, how long they were sitting idle, and where.  There was also a function that had the ability to record maintenance records to showcase what assets have had maintenance performed and what was replaced or fixed. We provided visibility and data capture that no other product does.