2022-12-05  - 

Visibility to High Value Assets

Visibility, consistency, versatility. That is what our Asset Trackers can provide for your business. Our Asset Trackers provide visibility to all your high value assets! We aren’t limited to just […]

2022-12-07  - 

Battery and Hardware Features

The LTS Asset Trackers are not only easy to use but also compact which makes them the right tool to use in any situation. To start off with the basics, […]

2022-12-09  - 

Utilization of Assets

Do you know how often your assets are in use? When an asset is left idle and not in the operation’s routine, it’s easy to lose track of as well […]

2022-12-12  - 

Theft Alerts and Recovery

Do you often have to replace assets because you can’t find them? Whether you have lost assets in the back of the port or if they have been stolen, you […]

2022-12-14  - 

Maintenance and Meta Data Tracking

Do you want to keep up with the latest maintenance on your asset, or be able to tag additional meta data to it? Our asset tracking system can show you […]

2022-12-16  - 

Asset Tracker Case Study – Manufacturing Servicing Wind

Our customer needed a solution to manage and track a specialty asset used to transport wind turbine blades.  The system that they were originally using needed improvement for higher efficacy […]

2022-12-27  - 

ALPR Project

We currently have our Automatic License Plate Reading Cameras installed at multiple projects across the USA. Our customer has tasked us with the goal of capturing traffic violating their required […]

2023-01-31  - 

Solar Warehouse Management System Project

Through one of our current projects at LTS, we are shipping outbound from one of our Solar Warehouses on the West Coast. We have outfitted the field operatives with Scanners […]

2023-02-14  - 

Materials Management System

Problem Statement – Our customer needed a Materials Management System for Receiving and Inventory Control during installation.   LTS built a system to handle the inbound process for the customer […]

2023-02-14  - 

Train GPS and Cameras – Wind Rail Transport

Problem Statement – Our customer needed an easier and more convenient method to record incidents during train transportation.   During transportation, components occasionally sustained damage between locations. Our customer wanted […]

2023-02-14  - 

Wind GPS Project

Through one of our current projects at LTS, we have GPS units active on trailers to track each shipment’s progress.  The components are being shipped and tracked out of multiple […]

2023-02-27  - 

Solar Project GPS Tracking

Problem Statement – Our customer needed a solution to track their shipment of 53 inverter units from the origin in Texas to the project site located in California. The customer’s […]

2023-03-15  - 

Transformer Transport and Storage Project

Through one of our current projects, we are transporting a transformer from the Port of Houston to our storage warehouse in Channelview, TX. We placed a GPS tracking unit plus […]

2023-03-23  - 

Wind GPS Tracking

Problem Statement: Our customer needed a solution to track shipments in real time as well as their cycles / pad deliveries. The customer’s traditional detention tracking system was outdated with […]